Maatilalta pulloon – tämä on mahdollista vain Jurliquelta

Yli 25 vuoden aikana Jurlique on kehittänyt satoja tuotteita, mutta visio tuotteiden takana on säilynyt samana. Jokaisen tuotteen sydän on tehokas sekoitus yrttejä ja kukkia, joiden elävä teho välittyy ihollesi. Monet näistä kasviuutteista on käsin kasvatettu Jurliquen omalla biodynaamisella maatilalla Etelä-Australiassa. Jurliquen tieteellisellä korkeatasoisella osaamisella ja teknologialla nämä kaikkein hienoimmat, tehokkaat, biodynaamiset ja orgaaniset luonnon ainesosat jalostetaan turvallisiksi ja toimiviksi ihonhoitotuotteiksi.

Our process

Our farm is certified biodynamic*, a farming method which goes beyond organic farming by working in harmony with nature to grow plants that are healthy, potent and pure. Our plants are free from artificial fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, and we harvest them when they’re naturally at their peak.

What happens next?

We create powerful extracts using our Bio-Intrinsic™ method, developed by our co-founder Dr Jürgen Klein, drawing on the ancient practice of alchemy to preserve the full potency of our ingredients.

  • Step 1: Distillation

    We steam our dried herbs to lift and release their delicate essential oils, nutrients and liquids.

  • Step 2: Percolation

    Under a continuous shower of water that sometimes lasts for days, we extract more vital nutrients from our herbs.

  • Step 3: Ashing

    We burn our herbs down to an ash to capture their minerals and salts.

  • Step 4: Reunification

    We then bring the oils, nutrients and ashes back together to create skin care that is naturally potent and pure.

Our team of plant scientists constantly research to apply the latest discoveries and technologies for efficacy and safety of our products. This is our “Seed to Skin” process, and it’s how we guarantee our products’ potency – so you can enjoy the most effective natural skin care.

+Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter® USA or Demeter International.